Your partner, Your cooperative
– Your Link to Success.

A Partner You Can Count On

As your homegrown, locally owned full-service cooperative, Northern Partners Coop has been rooted in the community from the very beginning. Our goal is to continually work to grow customer value and cooperative strength within the community we all share.

NPC is a business owned and controlled by the people who use it and operates for the mutual benefit of the patrons. NPC was organized to strengthen the bargaining power of its owners, to maintain access to competitive markets for the products produced by its owners, and to manage risk of its owners.

NPC returns earnings on a patronage basis. Such patronage dividends help boost the income of members directly or by reducing the effective cost of the goods and services provided.
NPC is governed by a board of directors elected by our members – based on one person one vote rather than on the basis of shares or percent ownership as in other types of businesses. This provides for a unique accountability.

We know that your business or farming operation requires hard work and dedication. That’s why we take pride in having knowledgeable, hardworking employees that are dedicated to being your most valued partner; helping you reach new levels of success. As your cooperative we value:

  • Honesty and integrity in all our relationships
  • Our people and their ability to contribute to success
  • Our commitment to safety, quality and service
  • A culture where innovative solutions thrive
  • Caring for our customers and our communities