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Custom Spraying

Northern Partners Cooperative provides professional application of all your crop protection needs. With the combination of our team of custom applicators, our fleet of application equipment, and the quality products we offer, we at Northern Partners Cooperative believe that we truly are your partner for success.

Custom Dry Application

At Northern Partners Cooperative we maintain and operate dry application equipment to help you grow your crops. Northern Partners has a well-trained team of applicators that strive to learn more about our machines, our products, and your operation to better partner with you to grow.

Custom Variable Rate Application

Northern Partners Cooperative supports the 4R nutrient loss reduction strategy. Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place. To help reduce nutrient loss and allow for the best return on your fertilizer investment Northern Partners Cooperative offers variable rate N/P/K applications. Another way Northern Partners is partnered with you to grow.
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Variable Rate Limestone Spreading

Soil pH is a vital part of soil health, nutrient availability, and crop production. Northern Partners Cooperative offers variable rate Rx based off your field soil test levels and provides variable rate limestone application to keep your soil healthy and your crops fed and ready to grow.

Custom Sidedress Nitrogen Application

The Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place. With the 4R’s in mind Northern Partners Cooperative can custom apply UAN or Urea to your crop. This help feed your crop and supports the 4R strategy and partners with you to grow.

Custom Anhydrous Ammonia Application

Northern Partners provides professional application of NH3. Our team of applicators maintains a fleet of 20 knife and 24 knife toolbars to allow for timely application of NH3 in the spring or fall, providing you with options and a way to partner to grow.

Certified Crop Advisors on Staff

The Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program is the benchmark of professionalism in Agronomy. The certification shows a commitment to continued learning and refinement of agronomic knowledge. At NPC we have CCA’s on staff to partner with you to grow.

Custom Crop Protection and Nutrient Recommendations

Not all fields are created equal. Not all soil test levels are the same, not all pest pressures are the same. So why use a one size fits all approach? At Northern Partners Cooperative you can partner with an Agronomy Account Manager to create field by field recommendations for your crop protection and nutrient needs.

Aerial Application

At Northern Partners Cooperative we have developed long term relationships with professional aerial applicators. We offer aerial application via plane and/or helicopter to give you the option that best fits your operation.