Detect Nutrient Deficiencies IFCA Anhydrous Ammonia Release

PrecisionLINK is Northern Partners’ branded precision database analysis and Agronomy decision management tool. Powered by Premier Crop Systems, LLC, PrecisionLINK allows a farmer to put the data produced with every operation performed on his field to work, helping make profitable decisions.

Today’s farms create data faster than ever before, records it using monitors, sensors, and remote sensing. Then what? PrecisionLink drills down through those layers of data and lets an operator use the information to drive management decisions that will pay back as never before.

More than pretty maps, PrecisionLink empowers growers to look at the numbers behind those maps; seeing their fields in detail never before possible. Each field is analyzed, Management Zones created using historic yield information and the grower’s knowledge of the field, variable rate nutrient prescriptions are made, variable rate seed prescriptions made, and unique zones within each field treated and analyzed on their own merit. Then, PrecisionLink lets you “check your work!” Learning Blocks® can be created to be sure the treatment or practices being tried are performing as expected, or if some other variable is responsible.

PrecisionLINK specialists work with the grower to make sure their knowledge of the particulars of each area of the field are recorded and used in the analysis. This is the true “precision” in PrecisionLINK.