Feed Products

Northern Partners is proud to partner with Purina Mills! We are now proud to provide VitaFerm Products.

Keep your herd’s calving season tight by feeding one of our high quality breeder minerals to ensure your cows get bred. Find out how easy adding pounds to your calves can be by using our creep feeding methods. Get the most dollars for your calves this fall. If you don’t have a feeder ask us about a purchase or rent for a portable creep feeder.

We provide grinding and mixing of rations with on farm delivery for cattle, swine, horses, goats, sheep, and more.

Show season is upon us. Ask us how to put your animal in the winners circle by using Honor Show Chow and our top dress’ like High Octane Powerfuel and Depth Charge along with VitaFerm’s Sure Champ.

NPC also has a wide variety of bagged products for livestock and lifestyle animals including horses, pets, birds, rabbits, and others.
Check with any NPC location for pet foods and select livestock and horse feeds


Try NPC's own formulation of Sweet 14

Ask Chad or Gerald for details.

NPC can even supply you with feed for the fish in your pond!

Please stop in at our Triumph location or contact Chad or Gerald to discuss your animal nutrition program and options that are available for a complete and profitable livestock operation